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Its Friday!

Me again.
I've had a pretty productive week.
More productive than most. I finished some necklaces and put them in my shop.
I have a few more, but I gotta run to the supply store to get chains and jump rings and clasps.
i thought I had the right colors (antique gold and copper) but for some reason, I don't.
I may just find a supplier on Etsy and get them that way. They normally provide more for less.

I'm too obsessed playing Pocket Frogs, but it is kind of addicting.
I haven't played on my DS in many, many weeks.
I started doing Origami again.
I'm getting real tired of what is considered popular culture.
It must be sign that I am getting old. 
Most television shows and movies don't interest me. I do have a hand full I like to watch, but....meh

I've been thinking about shaving the sides of my head.
Not like mohawk type deal, but maybe an inch or two above my ears or something.
Maybe I'll get a lifestyle lift. I don't really need one, but it was a random thought that went
through my head.

I'm still collecting cute/kawaii stuff. I had a full collection of Rilakkuma Ice  Cream cone pens, but I gave two to my sister because
she loves Rilakumma. I have some gift ideas for her this Christmas.



Photos from the past...

hummingbird and flower      Light up apple phone charm
bunny capsule toy      red faced demon

Lost Soul

Hello Hello,

Yes, I'm still alive.
I'm still around.
I've been tending to my family responsibilities, attempting to build a decent portfolio, and live.
Some days are more trying than others. 
I just keep moving forward.

I wanted to post some pictures of origami I had done  (while living in Japan) to one of my twitter accounts.
That meant I had to go to my folder where I keep my pictures from Japan....that was painful.
I don't recognize the person in those photos. She seems content and free and adventurous. 
Pictures of friends, pictures of my daily life and things I loved are so close to my heart but so far away.
I think about the people I knew and worked with, the students, people in my community everyday.
And leaving was the most troubling, physically painful acts I've ever done.
I wish I could tell everyone who touched my life how much I love and miss them...everyday.

Right now, I'm watching a movie called "The Skin I Live In."
If you haven't seen this film, you must watch it...

Five Ring Circus

I'm so tired, so weary. My life feels like a crazy balls circus on rollercoaster through hell...at times. Life just keeps throwing obstacles and I dodge and weave them. I work had to overcome them and then more stuff comes up.  I count my blessings because I know my life could be so much worse. At this point, I would love to catch a break.

Here is some quick artwork I did this morning:
Summer Day

Singapore Chow Mei Fun

That is what I ordered from the Easterns last night for dinner.
Spicy combination Chow Mei Fun is what it is. 
And Eggrolls..and Teriyaki Chicken. Trust me, there was more than enough leftover for lunch today.

Yesterday morning, it was breakfast from IHOP: the Country Omelet and pancakes.
Didn't finish that either.
I ate most of the omelet and half of the pancakes.

I am enjoying watching/hearing about the Olympics. 
I'm looking forward to the track and field competition. I do wish they would show Rhythmic Gymnastics. 
When I was a kid, that is what I wanted to do. In elementary school, I went to Gymnastics camp. I remember it being so fun and cool.
At the end of camp, we had a showcase  and I performed on the uneven bars and the balance beam. And I did pretty good too. I wish I had the confidence/knowledge to stick with it throughout the year....yeah,my childhood is full of regrets and shoulda/wouldas. LOL 

My family is doing well. Some days pose a challenge, but things are good.

Thick Fog

I'm in funk, a thick fog.
I have no idea what I am doing or where I belong anymore.
I can't seem to focus on anything.
I have no clue where I am going in life.
I suck at this "being an adult" thing.

The Real Deal

Some days are better than others...
Last week, the husband of choir member died.
He had been ill for a while. He was awaiting a liver transplant. 
They found him a liver, but once inside they discovered cancer and it had spread.

Today my parents went to the funeral....

When I say some days are better than others I mean it is hard to see my dad now.
He looks so frail at times.
His voice is still strong, but he moves slower. He is much thinner. Because of his cancer treatments, his short term memory is affected. He gets tired easily. He still has his sense of humor and doesn't appear to show signs of Alzheimers or dementia.
Still, I wonder how his condition affects my mom. She seems to be in good spirits most of the time, but I know my father's condition weighs heavy on her mind.I do what I can to make life easier for both of them.

I am thankful for the time I get to spend with parents.
But the past few years, I've been feeling like my life is not my own.
I feel as though I am just puttering along until the next assignment...


What a day....

Ho hum....today was a nice day.
the weather was nice and it is the start of the weekend.

I didn't do much productive work today.
I have spending too much time on Tumblr.
I've also been playing with my DSi or just sitting outside.
I did make/finish some necklaces and decided to keep half of them.
The rest are in my little shop of horrors.

I may try to go to the beach sometime next week or maybe i'll check out Maryland Live!
I feel like I need to go somewhere and do something....I don't know..


Janky Internet is Janky


Life has been livable. I need to breakout my easel and paint. 
It is supposed to be stormy most of the  day tomorrow, so I can find space to set up the easel then.
I did manage to make some pendants for necklaces. I'm using gem glue for these pendants....we'll see how that goes.

I'm happy with the warmer weather. I've been feeling much more alive...thank goodness.
I definitely need to live somewhere warm year round.

I managed to buy some summer shoes. Cute mules and flip flops...and another corset from Fredericks.

I will write more later, my mind seems to be scattered right now.

Recently, I've been thinking about becoming a doula.
I don't know why, but the idea popped into my head that I should help women bring a baby onto this earth.
Then I thought about how to become certified to perform marriages.
That's right...I got it in my head that I wanted to officiate marriage ceremonies!
Clearly, I am going through some things....lol.

Thanks to one of my friends on fb, I started watching these documentaries about Japan. One was about this couple in Yamagata. It was pretty interesting, kinda sad but true to life. Another was about suicide. Interesting and sad too. The third one was about the Hikkimori. Fascinating as well.  The PBS program Independent Lens featured a young Tibetan couple(and their baby) and followed their nomadic life. There aren't too many nomadic people anymore, so it was great to watch them.

This weekend is going to be scorcher...I can hardly wait.
I want some cherry liqueur and some strawberry Arbor Mist and a Mojito...LOL


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